The Midnight Log

Wo purani mohabbat bhi kya mohabbat jo raaton ko dard Na de

A plant of relationship is only to be nurtured with love, if you have to put something else, then you are growing weed which sooner or later you will realise.

The above started with a thought way back in November 2017 and as expected the lazy me left it in middle only to realise one fine evening(26th April 2019) 30 thousand feet above ground that I should complete it. Although I can’t recall what triggered the thought but I hope by the time I land in Nagpur on the way to Jabalpur something will come up. 🙂

Love as they call it is more of a paradox, its there ….. its not there. But the ones in love know this better and the ones who get heart broken, get a masters by default. Continuing to the 2 year old line, a relationship be it of any nature has to be nurtured with love and care and if you have to put something else then either you are not doing it right or you need to think over again.

Two more weeks and here I am without a letter ahead and back to the same spot as I travel between Bangalore and Nagpur again, 10th May 2019 only hoping to finish what I started long back. Sometimes thought just strike you and then you realise you don’t have words to put them in picture or the laziness takes over or as they call it in fancy words “The Writers Block”. For sure this time things will fall in place. How ironic it is that something which gives sleepless nights at some point of time can be a meek memory in no time. All we can say is that life has its own ways to express and the flow remains harmonic it’s only you who get all turbulent ! ( grammar nazis, please excuse). Life phases. Life is like a flowing river, you can not touch the same water again. Time is precious make sure you spend on everything worthwhile. But then there comes love and it can make you defy all laws of physics, chemistry or mathematics whatsoever. You tend to put everything, everything best into it and it’s a wonderful feeling. Just a moment ago I read a post from a friend about how a small help to a differently abled man today helped him realise love and hard work around him. It’s true that not every body gets a good experience, but a good experience can come from anywhere ( gusto said it differently though)

I dunno what all I wrote above in the moment ( you for sure could have a “ aakhir kehna Kya chahte ho” moment, can’t blame you for that ) but as we begin over decent into the hot city of Nagpur only thing I would like to say to sum up is that what ever you do, give your best to it and the results will speak for itself ( wether it’s weed or a pretty flower you grew)

That’s me once again signing off just to begin again someday very soon with a midnight, mid day, I dunno what blog :p Thanks for reading.

The title however does not go with the flow anymore … but anyways … that’s how it is 🙂

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