Midnight Walk down the Memory Lane

Midnight Walk down the Memory Lane

Ankit says Hello ! …. After a really long break, again from writing or anything creative for that matter, here I am once again with another write from a recent Christmas visit to the beautiful and mesmerizing city of Goa. I am still unsure as I write, whether I will be able to really communicate the feel through mere words. I will still give it a try anyways.

Saturday 23rd December 2017, I boarded this bus from Bangalore to Goa for annual Christmas vacation there; it’s more of a ritual now to go there for Christmas. After a long ride and unforeseen delays I somehow reached there around 11 am morning, immediately rented a bike and went to the place where I was supposed to stay for the day. It was a small beach side place at Candolim. Pretty! This was a solo day for me as my travel partner was supposed to join the day next (weekend working = not so cool). I took a quick shower and followed protocol. A small walk and there I was in front of the beautiful Arabian sea and the prettier Candolim beach. I settled myself on one of the sun beds at the corner most shack, away from all the chaos. Ordered some food, ate and took a nap. Yes you read it right “Nap” that’s the protocol. This feeling of nothingness cannot be described and it feels so good to just be there, watch the beautiful sea and playful waves crashing at the shore and the soothing sound loop they make, away from all the hassle of city and pressures mounted back there. These are good times.

Evening came and I watched the sun set. Reds covered the horizon, para sails and tiny fishing boats lining the horizon created a perfect back drop. Sheer Beauty! The sun vanished and the night took over. I grabbed my stuff and started walking back to the hotel, the glittery Christmas lights were up by now and the town was as beautiful as it could be, festivity was everywhere. I just love Christmas! I reached the hotel, took a shower again and got ready to go out for a spin in the city. I was all tired and decided to cut short the ride and stopped by for a quick bite and came home. It felt awful coming back and being locked inside the hotel room while there was still a roaring sea nearby and all the Christmas fun happening around. Enthusiasm took over tiredness and I put my flip flops on and decided to go out for a walk. It was almost midnight, time exactly when Jesus was born in the beautiful Bethlehem place among a group of shepherds (I was still to see the scene they make everywhere to depict this during Christmas) the roads were empty; there was not a single person on the road. The Christmas decorations however were still lit and created a beautiful atmosphere; the breeze was now a little cold and reminded me that it is still winters.

I walked further on the pathway admiring the decorations when this caught my eye and there I was awe struck. The view took me back down the memory lane and brought back all my childhood memories about Christmas and winters. I still remember texting a friend telling about the sheer beauty of it and how it touched me. Hopefully you are able to see the picture posted with this write up. I have seen such a thing only in Disney cartoons or vintage greeting cards which barely exist these days. The pure elegance, calmness and the “X” about the view struck all the right chords in my head and I kept standing there admiring the beauty. Sometimes such simple things can touch you in such a strong way. I was mesmerized, that little brick house with a red Christmas lantern hanging, a closed wooden door and a dog sleeping cozy underneath. This was straight out of a cartoon movie, only thing missing was snow, chimney emitting smoke and waltz music background. (I am still to see natural now from a touchable distance). Christmas is beautiful. The inspiration to write about this came at that very moment; it however took long to materialize though but here it is after all. I started writing this yesterday in Bangalore and here I am adding these finishing words while shuttling somewhere between Delhi and Saharanpur.

In all the hustle and bustle of the city we are somehow getting disconnected from our past and the beautiful things which existed before tech took over. I cannot recall when was the last time I wrote a letter to someone by hand or when was the last time I bought/made a greeting for someone or when somebody gave me something like that. Tech somehow has ruined that personal touch in this closely connected world.

I was elated by the feel and was very happy. I called a friend to tell about what I saw while he was still on the way to reach me the day next. We exchanged thoughts and had a laugh. I went back to hotel again to catch a nap. No doubt it was a wise decision to dodge that sleep and get a walk around. Feel free to share your thoughts in comments if you have a similar experience to share, would love to listen to you. For now it is me signing off until next time.

Photo by Ankit Bhagoria

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