A “Note” Story

A “Note” Story

After a really long break from writing here I am again with another write up, amid the chaos at new work place and new town Bangalore.  Coincidentally, this instance again is from recent Diwali vacation (seems Diwali and my writings go hand in hand). This was one long awaited holiday! I was away from home for more than 8 long months, which by far was the longest stay away from family. After a goof up with my travel itinerary, panic ticket booking and tantrums at office I somehow made to home on time for Diwali. Evening was full of festivities and I absorbed every bit of happiness. Being with family is one of the best feelings one could get. The big Diwali night passed away real quick and there it was, a long 10 day holiday. I had noting on my agenda, except to catch up with a few close friends, spend time with family (especially my little niece and grandparents) and do some house chores.

Day 2! 

I met a close friend of mine and as usual we went for a ride into the town. He casually gave me a 100 rupee bill and told me he found the person who wrote a note on it and wanted me to return it to them. I on the other hand was completely clueless and had no idea what he was talking about. He slowly started explaining things and I was now able to connect the dots. I complimented him for his kind gesture and said I will do the needful to return this to the person this belonged to.

Let me take you back to where it all started. One fine day this friend of mine wanted to have some loose change and he took some from his father. While going through the bills he noticed one of them had a note in black ink. Curiosity kicked in and he immediately pulled this one out and began reading “Mummy gave me this note last time. I miss you so much maa..I Know you always with me …hai na “Thoughts started running through his mind and all of a sudden a feeling to do something about it kicked in. The message was strong, sad, and emotional and it was about a “mother”. Thoughts turned into firm will and with this began the activity to find this person who wrote it. It looked like an impossible task since we are a big country with a mammoth population and any one could have written it. Still efforts began and the image was posted online on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all popular social media platforms. Help was taken from celebrities, politicians to post from their account since they had a larger reach. People started sharing the post just in hopes that the person would see it and try to contact. After two long days 29th July 2017 one girl claimed. This was a moment of joy, it was unbelievable….it actually worked. We were able to find the person who wrote it. The hard work and effort of all the individuals paid off (I personally thank everyone who were involved in the task). It was decided to return this rupee bill but now it had to be shipped all the way to Bangalore to its rightful owner. I hope you would have figured out by now where I come into picture.

On my return from Jabalpur to Bangalore I dropped a text to her as soon as I landed and told her that I have brought the rupee note for her from Jabalpur and would like to give it back. It was a busy week ahead and we decided to meet next weekend at a place nearby. Saturday came and I had little catching up with friends to do (also ran into a confusion which is altogether is a new story in itself). Well it was later decided to meet at a nearby Starbucks. I usually go there to spend time over weekends. While I was there waiting for her to arrive many thoughts ran through my mind. I had been carrying this note for a while in my phone case (not in my wallet, I didn’t want to end up spending it), my family knew about it, my friends knew about it, colleagues at office knew about it, even the ice cream shop where I go knew about it and everybody was waiting for updates on this (hence this blog post). Even I was now very curious, I wanted to know what made her write that on a rupee bill, what was the untold story behind it. What was her part of the story? At that moment only I decided to write this blog post. She came along with a friend to the cafe and we waved at each other, we greeted and everyone got seated. I took the rupee bill out from my phone case and handed over to her. I was very keen to see her expression. She was smiling like anything and yet had teary eyes. Her friend consoled her by patting her back. The emotions were obvious. I was there smiling looking at all this. This was the moment; the deed was done, thanks to efforts of so many people involved once again. We were all happy faces. She asked me how she could thank me, I said I am just the mediator and the efforts are all done by my friend, you should thank him. We did a facetime call back at Jabalpur and thanked my friend. We were all happy faces.  Well it is after this I asked her what made her write that note as I along with everyone else were curious to know her part of the story.

Well the event goes way back to 2006. This was after her mother passed away she wrote this note. She was close to her mother and she gave her the money for shopping and all glittery stuff. There is always one either father or mother who spoils (showers love) kids like this. She had some money which her mother gave and this was part of the last ones left. She wrote a note on one of the bill knowing there won’t be more from her. She accidentally spent it, but destiny had something else planned. After 11 long years here she was holding it in her very hands back again. Only god knows how many hands/wallets this would have changed, how many transactions it might have gone through, how many places it went to, how many people read the note and spent it over and over again, before it landed into my friends hand and he decided to do otherwise “return it”. Nothing is impossible if there is will and the intent is pure. I told her even I have a half spent money envelope which my grandmother gave me when I left home to start my professional career. Emotions are price less and I could very well relate to her feelings behind this. We had a small chat for some time about home town, work and stuff, after which she departed along with her friend thanking once again for the gesture.

There was a feeling of accomplishment. Something good was done. There is this line in one of the video which I saw on the internet which I so wanted to write here as it really puts things into perspective. “A simple act of kindness, creates and endless ripple that comes back to you” so true. When god sees you doing your part, he will do his part and open doors that no man can shut. Life has its own ways of giving back to you. Well, this ended on a happy note and I am sure to smile when I will remember it down the memory lane. All is well that ends well.

That’s me once again signing off for now. Thanks for taking time to read, keep checking this space if you want to read more about me and my interactions with “life” 🙂 

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  1. Wow Ankit .. I have always known about your friendly nature and this can be done by u only ..
    Nicely written. Apt words for feelings. Good use of Vocab and idioms .. very well done .. keep it up. . kudos to ur efforts ..

  2. Emotions can lead to a strong path and destiny will be reshaped … how beautiful u explained . A great writer inside you .. all the best

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