The Forbidden Door


The Forbidden Door

A fine evening, I saw a bunch of twigs, leaves and dry grass interlaced, which appeared as if it has been deposited by the wind in my already messy balcony and was lying right over the rain water drain hole, blocking it ! I instantly sprung into action to clear as I knew monsoon was nearing. It took me moments to clear the mess but I was taken aback when I saw a small egg under the so called “pile of dirt” An instant feeling of guilt ran through me and I stood there thinking that unknowingly I have ruined a poor birds nest which she built for her unborn chick. I was there helpless as I knew if I touched the egg, the bird will not accept it back. I had no option but to leave things on destiny, I went back inside and closed “the door”.

Next morning started as usual , I got up and was rushing to get ready and leave for office, last night incidence almost slipped out of my mind. Day passed away as usual and evening I came back home and that curiosity to find out what happened to the nest made me rush towards the balcony. I slowly opened the door just to find the nest was reshaping again. I took a breath of relief. Somewhere deep in my heart I unknowingly promised myself that I will not be a reason again for trouble to this poor bird and her egg. This bird was a pigeon.

Days passed and the nest took shape, the egg was no where to be seen. I was now checking daily on the build status. Then time came and I had to go home for a long awaited visit and to attend a close friends wedding. I left for a week. All this time I was busy back at home with almost no thought of what was going at the corner of my balcony at other home. Time at home just flies very fast and I now had to return back. The thought of this bird came on my way back and I was again curious to find out what happened to the nest. I rushed to open the door which was closed for a week now and stormed into the house. I opened the balcony door and this bird just freaked out and flew for her life “I never meant to scare her, I didn’t realise she would be there”. But all of a sudden my eyes went to the nest and there they were a pair of small, shiny white eggs 🙂
The bird was now seated at a distance looking at what I was doing. I immediately closed the door and started looking through the door creek. In minutes the bird was back to look for her eggs and sat over them while still looking at the door. She looked scared. I immediately decided that I will not open this door again till the egg hatches and the birds fly free. This was now the “Forbidden Door”.

Every day after office, I was now finding myself standing over the kitchen platform peeping through the window, lying on the floor having a glimpse from under the door, trying to find out what was going on the little corner. I was obsessed. The eggs and the bird were now part of daily conversations with a bunch of selective people whom I speak with daily. The late night what’s app chat now had these eggs as a major part of discussion. They were now know from Pune to Neemuch. I found myself googling to find how many day it will take to hatch. A very close friend who was expecting a baby( she is blessed with a baby boy Kiaan by the way) ensured to remind me  every time we speak to not harm or trouble the bird. I could very well understand her emotional feeling as a mother. The feeling was mutual. One fine day when I returned back from a near by town after a weekend getaway I could find that one of the eggs have hatched, there was now a little bird tucked under the mother bird on the nest with one egg still to hatch. I was happy to see the bird. The mother bird would fly away leaving the little bird if I tried to peep through at any point during  day light, however after dark it would just sit there even if I opened the door and went all the way into the balcony, however it would get scared but would not leave. I am still amazed on this change in reaction during day and night.

I was now monitoring progress in growth of  little bird every day, I even sprinkled some grains in the balcony for mother bird to eat but it would just not touch anything. I still don’t know the reason. The other egg was still there, it would just not hatch. The little bird kept growing every day, I could see feathers changing colour and growing into wings. It was truly marvellous to see a tiny creature grow. There were nights of stormy weather with thunders and heavy rain, I still remember 3 in the night with no power at home checking on the birds with my cell phone light to see if the rains didn’t trouble them, they were just fine. Days passed and the bird kept growing. From a tiny chick it now grew into a pigeon with purple feathers, it could not fly though but would now stand whenever I peeped through the door. There was a lot of staring back.

All this time there was this other egg which just didn’t want to hatch, it kept lying on the nest. It seemed it was the same egg which I disturbed in the very beginning. The feeling of guilt in me was gone though as at least there was one bird now. But anyways, that’s how life is. Poor egg.

There was this evening when I came back home just to find this little bird sitting high on the pipe staring back at me. Now that’s some quick progress rang immediately in my mind . The other egg however was now lying broken on the floor which eventually was carried away by winds in a day. Time passed by and the little bird could spread its wing and finally could fly. I was happy to watch it fly. I immediately wanted to reclaim my balcony. Such typical mean human like feeling. This day marked the end of me being locked out of balcony and now I would go and stand there not bothering if the bird freaks out. The nest lies at the same place to date and I am just too lazy to clear it.

Such is life, how a little incidence could have a lot of effect on what happens next in your life. It could literally change you in ways you would never expect. Just for example this tiny little incidence made me create a forbidden door which I was not allowed to open by myself and inspired me to write this blog post. I know it was a bit  silly but thanks for the read.

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