The Destined Journey

The Destined Journey

Well here I come again with another write up from one of the recent incidence from this Diwali vacation. This also happens to be the first post which Β I am exclusively writing for my new blog page. I thank you in advance for all the love and support.

It was almost mid of Diwali vacation and I was completely immersed in festivity, but back there in my mind I knew I had a task to complete in these limited days vacation. Well that task was to get transcripts for my sister from university in Bhopal so that she could apply for further education abroad. ( I will soon publish a DIY to make it easy for you just in case you also want to get your transcripts). After days of following up with friends I realized that I will have to do it myself as nobody else would be able to do it in that small period of time. So I picked up a Thursday keeping Friday as buffer, considering it may take an extra day. I booked tickets and mentally prepared myself to get up at 5 in the morning ( I am not a morning person). I slept off early that night despite being at home where I seldom sleep.

4.45 am Thursday

The alarm went off, I was struggling to find the phone under my blanket just too press that snooze button. I found it and snoozed for another fifteen minutes. The screen was filled with notifications from last night which were bluntly ignored in all that haste. I got ready in hurry ( no I did not/can not shower that early in morning) the bag was packed already. I tip toed out of the house without disturbing anybody’s sleep and slowly started walking towards a near by railway station. It was a 10 minute walk. People around were wearing jackets, sweaters and shawls and there I was just in a thin t shirt. It was not that cold for me ( I am still wandering if I was ok).

Train as expected was right on time and I boarded swiftly in no time. As I entered I noticed this girl siting by the window on my left, talking over her phone. She seemed familiar, with another glimpse I was able to recognize her as a friend, although I had only met her once before through a common friend but we are good friends now, thanks to virtual social networking. I was wandering if she would recognize me or not and in all the dilemma I simply wished her good morning followed by her name and was instantly greeting by a ” Hi Ankit”. I was impressed by the quick reflexes. The queue was building behind my back and I was almost pushed to my seat where I parked my small back pack and rested myself. As I was getting my self comfortable in my seat the phone rang ” It was from an unknown number” and I was wandering who is calling me that early in the morning. I picked up and there was a familiar voice on the other side, oh it was her calling from the back seat. We greeted again and I asked her if she is returning to college after the Diwali break, we talked briefly and I decided to join her as we both were traveling alone in this journey. I gathered my stuff and went back to sit next to her on the seat which was still unoccupied. I took a breath as I settled in my seat and back in my mind I had this thought that at least now, this journey will not be a boring one as I had someone to talk to. This was a long five hour journey. The train had already left the platform and people were still settling down. The guy whose seat I was occupying approached and I requested him to take my seat which he happily agreed to.

Then began the chat. We talked about Diwali vacations, common friends, Chandigarh, Bhopal, Jabalpur, future plans, life events and god knows what. We also surprised common friends on text and they were wandering what we were up to together so early in the morning and were taken by surprise. They were a good sport and it all summed up in a laugh. We also discussed some very serious matters like ” What are the desired qualities in a man ” and I ended up taking notes which still make me smile when I glance through them on my phone ( no I am not sharing that list here, intellectual property you see). The conversation was at times interrupted by calls from patients over her phone while she was still figuring out what excuse to make for being late at college :p We took a break to munch on the new Cadbury chocolate which I got from my sister for Bhai Dooj. In all those chit chats we never realized how time passed and we were about to reach Bhopal. I asked her about the university address where I was suppose to go and coincidentally it was on the same way to her college. We decided to go together as an auto was already there to pick her up.

The train reached main station and we off boarded. We were greeted by her fellow colleague who was also on the same train. All four of us were going towards the same direction. Yes me, my friend, her friend and the auto (PJ). We stuffed the auto with all those heavy bags ( I still wander why women carry such heavy bags), and squeezed ourselves on the seating space. After few minutes of driving there I was standing under an entrance of a medical college girls hostel. Never in my dream I thought that I would be at that college ( few of my other friends have also studied dentistry there ) and that too in its girls hostel. Life can be really unexpected sometimes.

I bid good bye and thanked her for the nice time and continued my journey towards the university. Took another 15 minutes to reach there. I started of with the procedures as soon as I could and started filling up the transcript format on my laptop while siting on the floor at university hall way. This was my first visit ever there although I myself have graduated from there. It was chaotic as it was already past lunch time and students were getting impatient to get their transcripts claiming they had trains to catch as they came from nearby cities and there I was trying to fill those formats as fast as I could, hoping to get work done on the same day. Took around an hour to complete the forms and then I had to take an auto to a near by printing shop to get the prints. These were expensive print outs. The shop owner was putting his monopoly to full use to make money, but his jovial nature overshadowed the excess price. I took a lift on my way back to the university and submitted the document for proof reading. It was already past submission time window but the already stressed officer on the other side was kind enough to accept my request and took the documents. I was now certain that this will not happen on the same day and I will be required to come back again tomorrow to get this completed. I cancelled the train tickets and booked for tomorrow. I was starving, as in all this chaos I did not have anything to eat, although I got a follow up call from my friend asking if I have had anything but I lied and said yes. Liar Ankit !

I called her again and told her that this would take another day to complete and I would have to stay in Bhopal for another day. She got free from her college and we decided to go and eat out. There was this chicken tikka sandwich that she mentioned which I so really wanted to try now. Poor hungry fellow. I took a cab and picked her on the way it was already sunset and the lights were up. We reached the cafΓ©, it was a sweet little place with ambient lights and modern seating. I could see that Diwali crowd, people who came back home on holidays and were catching up with friends and family. Sweet.

The order was served and we munched Β on food over random chat. There was this mall on other side of the road which I wanted to visit ever since it was built but could not as I seldom visit Bhopal, so we decided to visit there. My stay for the night was uncertain and I was given some real crazy options which I can not write here :p but I also had to visit my sister in Bhopal and decided to stay there for the night. It has been real long since I went to her place. We went candy shopping at the supermarket for two of my little niece, one of them is a candy collector. Chocolate makes everyone happy. After having few doughnuts and ice cream we decide to leave as it was getting late. After dropping my friend at her hostel I headed for my sisters place and thanks to GPS supported by my brothers intellectual map skills I was able to reach spot on. Everyone was all smiles and I greeted them, both the niece were asleep by now as they had school early morning. We chatted over dinner for sometime and then everyone went to bed. I summed up the day in my head and geared up for tomorrow as I fell asleep after a tiring day.


As always I was in bed till late. One of the niece had already left for school and Jijaji left for work by the time I could get up . I took a shower followed by a really nice home cooked lunch. I chatted with sister for sometime and played some “selfie selfie” with my shy little niece. Around 11 I bid good bye as I was again uncertain how much time it will take at the university and if I would come back home. I booked a cab and reached the university where after some close follow ups and effort I was able to get the transcripts. The task was accomplished and I was happy all inside. I was not this happy even when I got my own degree :p . I felt accomplished.

I called a cab again and headed straight for the station to catch my train. On the way I called up my friend and informed her that I got the transcripts and was heading for the station to catch my train. It was on time and boarded to reach hometown Jabalpur.

These chain of incidences inspired me to write this blog post, not because I wanted to write about the trip but to share the message which I got in these two days. How small things can make you happy, make you feel that someone is always there and how beautiful friendship is. Sometime just a phone call in new place from a local friend can bring in such joy and assurance that at least somebody is there who has your back and you are not alone. Those simple ” how are you?” or ” have you had your meal ?” can have such a positive impact on your day. I recall this incidence from Thailand where 3 in the night I went out to have these banana pan cakes and there this old lady selling them asked me how I was doing and how my day was. It has left such an unforgettable mark on my memory. I never knew people could be so nice and how their simple gesture could add so much of positively to your day and your overall experience with human interaction. It all sums into that be nice to people around you, help anyone if you can and there is always some one who is having your back, so ask for help.

That’s me signing off for now for this post.

PS: It took me quite a long to finish this blog post, if you could calculate time between Diwali 2016 and April 2017 to be precise. I started writing this when I was in Aurangabad and finishing this after moving to Bangalore. Thanks for reading and keep checking this space if you want to read more about me and my interactions with life.

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  1. Damn Bhaiya it’s my first time reading your blog and I don’t know what to say right now, it’s like I’m going through a roller coaster of emotions right now. I’m just so lucky that you’re my brother you care about us so much.
    I love you <3

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