Difference a Tomato can make


It all started with an urge to Eat, Eat and eat. Few days back I started something which I always said I am never going to do….. “Cooking” and boy I must say I have started liking it. All of a sudden those urges of eating my favorite Non-Veg food and filling myself to the neck were coming true, but something was still missing…… that taste…… that special recipe that mum used to cook …… that simple chicken with that simple gravy. I tried Masala, temperature and technique in various combinations, made some good stuff….. but again that cliche taste was missing. One fine day (today) I somehow decided that I will do the unthinkable, will add tomato to the recipe (cooked tomatoes make me sick) and voila it worked like chemical X from the Power Puff Girls. I was now able to replicate that same taste from home and I summed up my cooking with only one thought in mind ” What great a difference a Tomato can make”

Originally posted on ankitbhagoria.blogspot.com on Friday, September 12, 2014 at 01:32 am

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